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Meth Is a Problem

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Meth Is a Problem for Addiction treatment in Fresno, California

The main aim of the addiction treatment in Fresno is to ensure that drug addict patients overcome their habit and live without drug addiction for their entire lifetime. The typical rehab centers that treat alcohol addiction or drug addiction usually have a success rate of 2% - 20%. However, there are a number of centres that have a success rate of 70% or even higher.  The rehabilitation programs treat not only the addiction problems but also the reason behind the drug problems for an effective and sustainable recovery.

Before deciding on the addiction treatment in Fresno, it is important to compare the facilities that are provided by that center. Questions such as the number of individuals that are undergoing treatment, individual attention towards the treatment of each person, group settings, drug tests etc. should be asked before the drug addict can commit to such centers. For those that are looking for rehabilitation of alcohol addicts, family intervention should also be a key component. Drug or alcohol addiction affects the person and the family members of the addict also. It should also be the ultimate goal of the rehab center to ensure that the person stays alcohol and drug free for the rest of his life.

Meth is the most widely and popular drug of choice

In California, males comprise 65% of alcohol and drug addicts, while females comprise 35% of such population. This is a deviation from other states, where males usually comprise 70% of such population, while women comprise 30% of such population. Meth and heroin are the preferred drugs in California, and majority of those that come to addiction treatment in Fresno suffer from heroin and meth drug addiction. Of the 199,923 drug addicts that checked into rehab in 2007, 44,864 checked in with heroin addiction while 55,582 checked in with meth addiction. Approximately meth and heroin addiction affects 50% of the drug addict population.

Financial funding by government to counter the meth problem

Meth consumption is also the highest in California since the state accounts for almost 75% - 90% of the production for the entire country. Specifically in Fresno County district, a sum of $310,000 has been earmarked for the California Methamphetamine Strategy as far back as 2005.  This has enabled District Attorneys to add more manpower in order to prosecute those caught with meth production or peddling the drugs and work on the cases from start to finish.

Meth distribution in California is also controlled by Mexican drug cartels that operate from within the country and from outside the country. Such is the demand for meth in California that there are many clandestine operations and private labs operating in all parts of the state. These meth labs can be found in suburban residential areas, rural areas, desert locations and even areas that are heavily forested in the northern parts of the state. 

Though marijuana is the preferred drug for youngsters rather than meth in the state

Young adults in California prefer marijuana to meth and 44% of those that are addicts in this age category are marijuana addicts. This is an extremely disturbing trend, which confronts the law enforcement agencies and centers for addiction treatment in Fresno, California.